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The Ride was finally underway but I somehow managed to delete the first part of it from the Blackberry. Technology really is grand in the hands of amateurs!

Any way I have some photos from the early part of the trip and will include them over time then get to the actual record I kept.
Let me tell you by the time we got to Sydney my butt was complaining somewhat but I was getting used to it by then but after travelling along the coast and amongst rural areas the Sydney traffic felt pretty full on. The thing which lightened the situation as we fuelled up on our way towards Newcastle was when Norm told me he thought we should meet Steve in one of our trucks before too long so he called him and they figured we would meet within around 15 – 20 minutes and sure enough we did so we were riding along waving madly and he was flashing his headlights and hanging out the window. I love how these boys have this innate ability to know exactly where they are in time and space and I always get a buzz when I see any of our trucks on the road, it’s just an extra buzz when it’s also a family member.

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In 2008 we made a tentative decision to head to the UK and beyond on motorbikes and explore the countryside and Transport and Logistics Supply Chain as we had been doing in Australia as well as checking out possible new routes for our trucks and crossing some off the list as well as checking up on some of the great projects we have been involved in over time.

Anyway. Since such a trip (without checking up on projects we were involved in obviously) would involve a lot of travelling….we decided a trial was in order to see if we could stand being on the bikes day after day after day. The obvious decision was made to do a trial run in Australia and if we decided we were over it an International flight wouldn’t be involved to get back home.

So we planned to take a serious road trip here in Australia and incorporate some business meetings and catching up with customers along the way. Then a few days before we headed off my organiser died and I bought my first Blackberry which I learned to use on the trip and so the trip update / blog was born.

PS. The REALLY good news was that the trip (in 2009) was a rip roaring success (and follows…or will soon) and the International trips began in 2010.(I still have to transfer the 2010 one to the blog but plan to do that also.)

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